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Tooth Whitening at Home with Your Caledon Dentist

December 2021 / DENTISTRY

Are you unhappy with the look of your smile? It’s now easier than ever to brighten the look of your smile comfortably and affordably with custom-made, at-home tooth whitening kits available from your Caledon dentist.

These kits do use peroxide, so it’s important to consult with your dentist before whitening your teeth. Your team of dental healthcare professionals will look review the number and size of any fillings and crowns in your mouth, look for signs of gum shrinkage or nerve exposure and assess the degree and type of discoloration. They’ll review all this information before advising you on the potential for whitening success and risk of sensitivity you may experience through this treatment.

Here’s how the at-home tooth whitening systems available through your dentist in Caledon work:

  1. The team at Caledon Dental Centre will create whitening trays that are custom fit for your mouth. This will be done through taking impressions of the exact size and shape of your mouth, so the trays are easy and comfortable to use. Custom trays also give you the flexibility to choose which teeth get whitened (you can decide where to add the whitening serum) and prevent too much bleaching agent from connecting with the gums.
  2. Each night before bed, brush and floss your teeth, and rinse your mouth well.
  3. Take your custom whitening trays and the bleaching agent you purchased from Caledon Dental Centre and add one drop of gel into the trays at the location of each tooth. Remember, less is more – don’t use more solution than you need, or it will ooze over onto your gums when you insert the trays into your mouth.
  4. Open your mouth and insert the upper and lower trays containing the bleaching gel. Gently bite down into the trays so they fit snugly against your teeth. Wear the trays while you sleep and take them out and rinse them in the morning. For best results, the teeth should get at least 6 hours of exposure to the bleaching agent each treatment.
  5. Depending on how much whitening you feel is needed, continue wearing the trays while you sleep for one, two, or three weeks. If you find that your teeth are getting more and more sensitive as treatments continue, stop using the trays and contact the team at Caledon Dental right away.
  6. Each morning after removing and rinsing the trays, store them upside down to give them the chance to fully dry-out between uses.

If you’re ready to brighten your smile in a safe, comfortable, affordable way, call the dental team at Caledon Dental Centre to set up a consultation today. At our office we provide comprehensive dental services including family, cosmetic and implant dentistry.